Deathwing on a Shoestring part 2

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As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to complete this project and do so on a budget, my goal was to complete the army for around £100 give or take a little. In the end I brought two standard boxes of Deathwing terminators (£70), 5 squads of Deathwing terminators from Dark Vengeance from eBay (£35), two second hand Dreadnoughts (under £10) and the metal librarian (£5). Totalling around £120 I as very pleased to have all the parts for a 2K army.
It could have been done with just the Dark Vengeance terminators, but the repetition would start to show and you couldn't have cool stuff like the Knights and the robed command squad.
I started by building a squad of the DV guys purely as designed, I then started building with weapon swaps and bits from the Deathwing box, changing arms and poses where I could and using some of the different shoulder pads and weapons to add veriety. The next phase was raiding the bits boxes of people I know. This got me the Grey Knight heads for the Knights, and extra body for Belial and bits to repair the Drednoughts.
Overall the use of the DV models blends in well and with enough weapon swaps and repositioning its unnoticeable as the same model. The key was not to use the same base model more than once in a unit.

I hate painting white, bone and yellow, I never get consistency with these pale colours and it always looks patchy. I needed to crack this in order to do Deathwing. So I tried a simple wash over white to 'stain' the white, hoping this would give a nice coverage (smooth coat out of the spray can) and be consistant. The test piece showed me that I needed to 'paint' and not slop on the wash, so that it didn't puddle and pool. I did this in a single batch (all 31!) using Seraphim Sepia, I watered it down by about 20% and kept the whole pot like this for conisteny. Once dry I did a thin edge highlight with Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull and called it done. Details are either Mechitte red, Caliban Green, Adeptus Grey or Leadbelcher, washed Agrax and then highlighted up one stage.

If you want winning bases done quick, use the GW texture paint, it's so easy and two coats gives great texture, I used Blackfire Earth. A wash, drybrush and some basing grass/clumps later and they were finished.

Each model looks fairly good but the big impact comes from them all together. This is by far the most uniform army I have done and that adds a lot more to the appearance than worrying about the odd stray brush stroke.

It would be good to know how other people manage a consistent army look without going mad. I have decided not to expand them for a while yet!

Tomorrow is my last game with them under this codex, I'll share my current play style and have a guess about what's in store. Facing 5 Imperial Knights...


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