Battered Stormcast part 1

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TUTORIAL/WIP -Stormcast Eternal part 1.

So today is the first of our hopefully many picture works in progress/tutorials.

What better way to start than with the free figure that came with Saturday's White Dwarf the Stormcast Eternal.

I'll be doing something a little different with mine, I'm not a fan of a lot of gold on a miniature, so, I will be going to and old paint scheme of mine from and OLD warriors of chaos army I had, off white armour with a chipping and sponging method.

Vallejo Model colour (VMC)
Gamesworkshop (GW)

There are a lot of pictures, they each have the paints listed and how I applied them.

Please note, ANY inks or washes I have used are all used with Lahmian Medium. This helps to prevent any shine.

So here goes....


I mount my figures on corks for painting, the figure has been under coated in white primer.

The base is a test base for a new range coming from us soon.


First colour is VMC cavalry Brown airbrushed all over. This will show as the rust/aged effect.


VMC Mahogany Brown in patches to break up the Browns.


Vallejo Matt Varnish is applied all over, any clear varnish will do.


Vallejo Chipping medium is airbrushed all over.


I then spray the main colour VMC Green Grey.


Once fully dry, 20 minutes or so (I used a hair dryer to speed it up) I apply a little water to parts of the armour with an old brush, wait a few seconds them gently scuff the armour, allowing the base colour to come through.


Once the whole model has been chipped/scuffed I applied another coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish to protect the model from the wash stage. Once this was dry I applied a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade.


After the wash was dry I applied a light stipple of VMC cavalry brown with a tiny piece of sponge, making sure to only hit where the rust was showing through.


Test fit on the base.


Now for the gold trim, GW new paint Retributor Armour


Then a thin wash of old GW chestnut ink, the Sepia wash or Ogryn flesh wash from GW will work fine also.


I then built up the layers going from:
Retributor armour & Auric Gold 1:1 ratio,
Auric alone, Auric and Runefang steel 1:1 ratio again, then a low light of purple wash in the recesses.


A final dark recesses shade was added with a very thin mix of GW Doombull Brown and Abbadon Black.


Now for a bit of color, GW Kantor blue for the cloth tabard.


Now the silver I started with GW Leadbelcher.


Finally I gave the blue and all the silver a wash with GW Nuln Oil.

This is the end of part one, part two tomorrow will hopefully see me finish the figure and base for you all.

I hope you like this first of our tutorial series, we look forward to bringing you a lot more.
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