Battered Stormcast Part 2

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So here is the 2nd and final part of the painting tutorial/Wip.

It quite short as I painted more than I thought last night.

I'll cover painting the base in another tutorial in the future.


So I started this evening with base coating several colours.

GW Ulthuan Grey for the cloth and belt.
GW Abbadon black for the Scabbard

The hammer grip and short sword grip where painted in VMC Warlord Pink, I have changed this as it was very stark! It is now GW Mephiston red.


I added a little bit of watered down Ulthuan grey to the eye sockets then added watered down VGA Electric Blue, to give a glowing effect, I carried this over to the runes on the cloth tassel and the shield icon.
I finished the head of the hammer with successive dry brushes of GW Ironbreaker and GW Runefang Steel.
The chain mail on the tabard had the same treatment as the hammer head, then I highlighted the blue with a second coat of GW Kantor blue making sure to avoid the Nuln wash in the deepest recesses, I then added a highlight of Old school GW Enchanted Blue.
I have tried to get a shot of the 'glowing' runes but in not the best photographer in the world! They where created by very watered down VGA Electric blue washed over GW Ulthuan Grey, several washes and highlighting with Ulthuan Grey later, then a Final edge highlight of GW White Scar.
This is a finished shot from the front.

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