The Hunt for the Fallen; Iain Round 1

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So it would appear it is my turn to regale you with antics of the first game of the campaign weekend.

I played a chap called Joel Blakemore, he used a heavily allied contingent of Cult Mechanicus, Imperial Guard and Iron Warriors.

I liked the theme if I'm honest. Iron Warriors teaming up with their machine god brothers, letting the guard do all the dirty work 'the flesh is weak'

I took a Speed Freakz army
33 Ork Warbikers
15 Deff-Koptas
1 Burna-Bommer

Again: the aim of the game for me was to capture all six objectives at least once during play.

We had a Hammer and Anvil set-up (short board sides), which didn’t favour the Orks as they pretty much cover their whole deployment zone even on the long edge!

The first turn went to Joel, and when we rolled for mysterious objectives I managed to get three of the extra cover saves, that had to help right?

Joel drop podded in on the first turn, I was quite surprised at how close, no scatter with the first two pods and perfect landing. He shot at my Warboss’ unit, but with a Mega Kustom Force Field and a Pain Boy he only inflicted one casualty for the whole turn.

My go. I turbo boosted two of my bike squads up the field onto two objectives; I had scouted my Deff-Koptas before the game started so they gained an extra twelve inches, I managed to claim five of the six objectives in the first turn, the sixth was buried under Iron warriors. I managed to shoot and kill the unit that had targeted my Warlord and his unit, and wiped it out. The Deff-Koptas shot at his Medusa platforms destroying one, and killed a few iron warriors while they were at it.

My battle continued on to turns two and three in pretty much the same vein, Joel taking a few of my bikers and couple of Deff-Koptas each turn, and me returning fire and clinging to the objectives.

Turn four saw me detach my Warlord from his unit before moving, then shoot and charge Joel’s warlord, a Tech-Priest Dominus. As Zhadsnark the Ripper can use his power claw on initiative that ended really well for me. I continued to take out units, blowing up the two Razorbacks and then shooting the occupants with another unit, which left the last objective free for turn five.

At this point Joel has one Medusa left, a Leman Russ, and two five man squads of Iron Warriors. Some tactical moving saw him claim back two objectives. It was, as they say, “On”.

In order for me to complete my mission I had to clear out those objectives. The Burna-Bommer flew over and performed a bombing run on one squad, then shot the other with its scorcher missiles (all one use only). That wiped out one squad, and my third biker unit charged the remaining three Marines after shooting (lots of saving happened!), I lost one biker to Marine attacks then stomped the ‘umies good! One more objective to go.

Zhadsnark decided to charge the remaining leman Russ, as it hadn't move I was auto glancing, with a strength 10 power claw on the charge, it was a scrap Russ at the end, final objective claimed.

It was a really good game to open the weekend, Joel was a fantastic opponent with uncanny ability to make armour saves!

I managed to get a 17-4 victory on Victory Points and claim my secret objective, which allowed me to choose one of four upgrades for one squad, so shooting twice for my warlords unit was a no brainer!

Thanks for reading everyone. Round two is coming soon, watch this space.



Joel's cracking alliance


Ma speed freakz!!!


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