Free Online Roulette Games UK

Right from the times of land-based casino, if there is a game that has withstood time, it has to be the Roulette. Today, the game is available in various styles or forms. Even then, the charm of dealing the red and black chips and the overall ambiance is not lost.

What has changed over the years is the game’s transition to becoming available online. Just like your neighbourhood grocery store, even the roulette is available on your mobile phone. Let us check out more about the game in general.

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Why Should You Play Online Roulette for Free?

If you are new to the online gaming world, surely you must not ignore the option to play online free roulette. There are several casinos online where you can check out various versions of the game. However, there are two basic reasons for the players to check and bet for free at the roulette.

Types of Roulette

Just like any other games in modern casinos, even the roulette has various versions and names. These can help you get an idea of how and where you can increase the chances of going wrong and reduce your risks when you actually plan to bet for cash. This does not mean the classic and old school versions are not in use. Let us check them out:

Classic Variations

The original versions of the game remain the same. They offer authentic casino experience to the punters.

European Roulette

Giving the gamers a house advantage of just 2.63% approximately, this version has a wheel with 37 segments. The numbers range from 1 to 36, and there is also a zero. The gamers can go for Straight up bet, or Split bet, Street bets and more.

French Roulette

The game got its name from the French language. It works with the La Partage rule and the En Prison rule, both crucial to the gamers. The game also has 37 sections and one 0 in it similar to the European version of roulette.

American Roulette

This is a version close to the hearts of Americans. The version has number 00’s in it, and this is the first thing gamers will notice in the game. There are 38 sections, and the game will require you to bet on numbers or group bets.

Modern Variations

Players checking out the best online roulette games can find a plethora of titles. There are games from the top developers making you think and strategize well. A few of the popular titles include:

Multi-wheel roulette

The online roulette game is where you get to place bets simultaneously on eight wheels. This means the enjoyment is high and so are the

Multiball Roulette

The punters can get as many as three balls to play, and the payout will also be divided accordingly.

Speed Roulette

Evolution Gaming title is the Speed Roulette. You can play this free roulette mobile game from any reputed online casino, get superior graphics, and double up the fun too.

Premier Roulette Diamond Version

Players get a choice of picking from 1 zero or 2 zero variations while playing this game. Rich graphics and layout are the specialties of the game. The game is also high on stakes and requires your understanding of the game well enough.

RNG vs Live Dealer Games

Modern players have an option of selecting the Random Number generator version of free online roulette no download along with the live dealer one. Both have their fun quotient intact. The first reason for the players to go for a live dealer version is because they believe there is a higher chance of winning. The casinos will set high house edge but it is up to the players to check it out before betting. Moreover, online casinos with a good reputation will not resort to such lows.

Live roulette requires superb bandwidth. This will ensure smooth and seamless transmission.

The roulette table games will just have you staring at a wheel where you click and spin the wheel from your desktop or mobile. At Live casinos, you can see a live dealer or croupier who will handle your chips for you.

Speed of spinning the wheel is higher in the RNG table. However, the live casino will be more organic like a real land-based casino. This will give you enough time to plan the next bet and manage a bankroll better.


What are the bets we can place on groups of numbers?

The bets are corner bets, Snake bets, Orphelins, Tiers, Voisins du Zero Basket bet, and Neighbor bets to name a few.

Is there a need to check the bets and odds on each bet?

Yes, it is necessary to check the bets and odds on each bet.

Is it wise to use the Winnings for further bets?

It is not advisable to go for using winnings to bet further at roulette wheel games.

Final Thought

The overall fun of playing roulette flash games online is unparalleled. With many casinos offering bonuses and other extra house advantage and benefits, it makes sense to try out the game. The game has been around for quite a long time. Considering its popularity in both RNG and live sections, this euphoria is not going to recede any time soon.