High Stakes Roulette

One of the most fun and exciting of all gambling games is the notorious roulette. Everyone that has ever had even the slightest contact with gambling will know of this game. And chances are that you have played it yourself. Well, there are different kinds of gamblers. There’s the more cautious type – people that don’t like to risk a lot. And there’s the more hardened players – the high rollers. This article is dedicated to the latter category and their playstyle for the game of high limit roulette.

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What is High Stakes Roulette?

High stakes roulette pertains to a certain breed of roulette games. Of course, the version of roulette that you will play mostly depends on the will of the house. So, different casinos will offer different versions of roulette. The high stakes versions will enable you to bet upwards of several hundreds of thousands of dollars – even on a single spin. And this is pretty much the perfect place to be if you’re a high roller. The thrill that you will feel here by betting huge sums of money is unparalleled by anything else.

High Limit vs. Low Limit Roulette

Now, you will be able to deduce the difference between high limit and low limit roulette just by reading the names. It’s very simple – and it uses logic. The high limit roulette will enable you to place a lot larger bet than the low limit roulette versions. It’s as simple as that. So, the first one is an excellent game to play if you’re a high roller. The low limit roulette is perfect for those of you that don’t wish to take big risks. To each his own. You need to think about it a bit before you decide which category is right for you.

High Stake Games


These versions of high roller roulette UK games feature a special piece of software. The software’s name is Random Number Generator. It’s responsible for the randomness of the roulette wheel and where the ball lands. It’s entirely computerized. You don’t need to worry about it – as the legit online casinos are always tested for fairness. The RNG games typically feature lower limits. But they make up for this by offering a lot faster gameplay. There won’t be any live dealer here.

Live dealer

Then comes the live dealer version of high stakes roulette in the UK. You will get to see that this is the true high rollers lounge. The live dealer high limit roulette tables will enable you to bet huge sums of money. And we do mean huge – there are known roulette tables where the high limit can climb all the way to $500,000 for a single spin! This means that only millionaires can take this high limit – and most people aren’t millionaires. But it’s sufficient for you to know that it is quite possible to play roulette with high stakes.

Bonuses and promotions

The casinos will be very generous when it comes to the players that play in the high rollers roulette lounge. And we do mean very generous. The reason for this is that they know that there is money to be made by the high rollers. So, they will give thousands of dollars in welcome deposit bonuses and in cashbacks. Of course, you will want to check up on this. We suggest that you also read the terms and conditions in order to learn all you can about the bonuses. You see, it’s not all that simple. You will see that there are wagering requirements and various other limits when it comes to using the bonuses. Don’t just blindly trust the ad and think that you will get several thousands of dollars of bonuses for free. But, when armed with the proper knowledge, you will be able to make the best of the handsome bonus offers that some casinos have.

Payment Methods

Most legit online casinos will give you several options when it comes to the payment methods. So, you will see that the most used of the payment methods are the electronic wallets. PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and others are to be found in this category. However, you need to remember that, sometimes, the casino won’t give any bonuses for the e-wallet users. Which is why you may want to consider using credit and debit cards like Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, and others. Also, there’s bank wire and electronic checks. Pay attention to this element of online gambling as it will be of great use for you if you want to play high limit roulette for real money.

Best roulette casinos for high rollers

There are several online casinos where you can play high stakes live roulette. Some of them are the following:

But if this is small change for you – and if you wish to play next level high-rolling live roulette, then we suggest that you try out William Hill Live Casino. It’s here that you will find out that you can bet up to 500,000 EUR in any given spin!


Can I play high limit mobile roulette?

Of course you can. There are many casinos that feature mobile applications for your mobile devices. It’s there that you can now play high-roller roulette.

Is high limit roulette the proper choice for me?

It depends on what your risk preference is. If you’re a risk taker – then you will find a home in the high rollers lounge. If you’re more risk averse – then you should keep things simple and play low-limit roulette.

Is my money safe in high-roller casinos?

A very good question. The fact is that nobody could guarantee the safety of your money all the time. There are safer online casinos and unsafe ones. Always strive to play at the safe and secure casinos. However – you need to always be careful and maintain caution.

In conclusion

There you have it. Now you know everything you need to know in order to play high stakes roulette. We urge you to do be careful as the highly volatile nature of the game can make you go bust quickly. Either way, we wish you the best of luck and we hope that you will hit it big.