Roulette systems to maximise your winning chances

No system for roulette can ever be 100% guaranteed but by playing with patience and strategy you can maximise your chances of winning. The most common systems involve red and black even chance bets and are generally progressive systems, all can work to a degree but we do warn to set a bankroll when playing systems. Alternatively you can play on the numbers and there are a number of different systems to try here.

Give them all a try and find your favourite winning roulette system.

All roulette systems rely on probability factors and we therefore recommend you play on live dealer roulette tables only and watch the table for a few spins before placing any bets

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Even chance systems


The most basic system and most commonly used simply double up losing bets on even chance bet till it comes in and you will end up with a net return of plus 1 times initial bet.


A cancelling out system which is more suitable to smaller bankrolls. Involves setting a line of numbers with the objective of cancelling all numbers out. For each spin the numbers on either end are added together to make the net bet stake, on winning spins these are cancelled out and on losing spin bet amount is added to line of numbers. Continue until all numbers on line are cancelled out.

Reverse Labouchere

Exactly as it says in the name play the labouchere in reverse, every winning spin add total bet to line and losing bets cross out numbers. The aim is to hit a bias towards one even chance for a short period so must be played with a set maximum bet to end the progressive before restarting.


Basic progressive system pick an even chance bet and place initial stake advised 2/3 times table minimum eg 15 stake on 5 min and winning spins decrease bet by 1 unit stake losing spins increase by 1 unit stake with objective of reaching table minimum 

Dozens/ columns systems

Play 2 dozens at a time this gives a net return of 3/2. Best to be played on the 2 dozens that didn’t hit in the previous spin

Wait for a dozen to miss 5 time in row then play by 1 unit untill it hits then leave the bet and winnings on and let it ride for a dozen double and get net return of 8/1

When ball has landed in either 0, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 play 2 chips 1st dozen and 3 chips high numbers giving a net return of 6 chips for all but those 7 numbers 

Straight up number systems

Neighbour bets are placed by betting on a collection of numbers together on the wheel usually it will be either 2,3 or 4 numbers either side of the designated original number and will cost the multiple of the neighbour bet. eg zero neighbours would cover 0, 3, 26, 32 and 15, 2 numbers either side of zero. it is a way of putting bets on a section of the wheel without having to place individual bets on the table layout and risk missing a number.

Start recording numbers as they hit and when you are down to 20 numbers which haven’t hit start betting one chip on each until they hit

Pick one number and bet 1 chip until it hits if you reach 35 spins and no hit double bet and continue this way until it hits

Pick a section of 12 numbers together eg tier and play 1 chip on each until you hit then place all returns on same numbers for a double. can be alternated by playing these numbers by minimum until it hits and increasing bet on each in a progressive manner